Vulnerability Management Services

Whether it is the result of a Denial of Service attack, Malware, Botnets or a good old Zero Day Exploit, keeping track of vulnerabilities across your expanding Infrastructure, Cloud based solutions, ecommerce sites and internal H.R. systems can be a stretch on any business. Our Vulnerability Management Services can help you find, fix and remediate vulnerabilities across your business to put you back in control and provide the Assurance needed to allow you to get back to the day job.

Web Applications Scanning
Plan, Manage and Protect your web, mobile and cloud applications with us. Our vulnerability management services help you prove that the way you deliverservices to your customers, partners and employees is best of breed. By applying tests conducive with Payment Card Industry Standards – automated application security testing across applications, in-depth penetration testing for your most business-critical apps or continuous web application firewall protection – whatever you need, we have a solution.

Data Loss Prevention Systems
Information is key to the survival of many businesses but not all address the threat of internal issues. Protect your external systems by all means but do not forget that it takes only one disgruntled employee with elevated privileges to bypass firewalls, Intrusion Detection Systems and Physical Security measures. Our best of breed Identity and Access Management Solutions can protect you against these actions by restricting the impact an employee can have on your systems.
Our systems can help you with Data Loss Prevention, data leakage or disclosure of sensitive data through inadvertent mailing of documentation. With our tools you can analyse, assess and report on vulnerabilities, misconfigurations and improper access controls within databases and data stores, mapping solutions to ISO standards. In this way, Board level assurance is guaranteed.

Penetration Testing Services
A “pentest” is an attempt to identity vulnerabilities in your systems, then exploit them to identify what is possible to achieve covertly. By knowing what is possible, as well as probable, Network teams can prioritise the likelihood and impact of attacks (via a Risk Assessment and Management Programme), delivering a value added service to the Board.
Slightly different from a traditional Pentest is a Red team Test. A Red Team Assessment is similar to a penetration test in many ways but is more targeted. The goal of the Red Team Assessment is NOT to find as many vulnerabilities as possible. The goal is to test the organization’s detection and response capabilities. By adopting an attacker’s mindset we can effectively help businesses enhance their chances of securing themselves against ever-evolving threats.
By regularly scheduling either Pentest or red team activities, Businesses can be assured on an ongoing basis that newly discovered system vulnerabilities will not impact them.

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